open to learning brings growth, understanding and joy

i am so grateful to my siblings.  without them, i’m not sure how we would get through these trying times with my mom.  my two sisters have been so incredibly helpful, and my brother is trying his best (he has two little boys and a bunch of apartment buildings that he manages).

last night was the first night brian and i had together since my coming home from italy nearly a week ago.  a simple night of dinner and a movie, but it felt so good to just relax and catch up.  we ended up at islands where the tables are surrounded by big screens of people surfing.  and brian, who now paddles every other day, sometimes more, was completely engrossed.  i listened as he explained how waves work, and how timing is so important if you’re to understand the ocean. then he shared that everyday he’s in the ocean, he learns something new about it…and that he loves getting to know the ocean – that he’s finding a connection.

as i listened to his ponderings, this is what i realized – if you take the time to learn something new about the person you’re with, or the situation you’re in, then you’ll always find joy in life.  even getting to know something more about yourself, being open to learning, is the secret.

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