sharing in the cycle of life

the cat scan found a hairline fracture in my mom’s leg.  just as with everything, there’s the good and the bad.  we now understand the source of her pain, and thank goodness it’s not an infection run wild.  there is no surgery that can be done to repair the crack – it’s a matter of weeks of learning to live with the pain and eventually it’ll improve.  in the meantime her parkinson’s will want to take her further down the road more rapidly as her mobility will be limited.  physical activity has proven to be the one thing that actually arrests the rapid progression of this debilitating disease, and she’s been such a enthusiastic participant in all the activities offered at the village.

i accept that she’ll be in pain, and notice that in the one week that i’ve been away, her body has already become more rigid and more difficult to move.  i ask, what can i do to help the situation? the doctor has increased her pain meds, and we can increase the help she’s getting so my dad isn’t having to lift her, and to prevent any future falls.  and so today, i cancelled my classes and i’m spending the day with my parents, interviewing potential caregivers to provide 24/7 help.

as my mom resists the need for extra help, i gently remind her how she gave us the love we needed when we were little – when we needed supervision, she hired babysitters to care for us while she worked.  she listens with tears in her eyes.

life is a filled with cycles within cycles. at one point she was a baby, and her mother and father cared for her as best they could.  then she did the same for her babies, and now it’s our turn to care for her as she returns to having the needs of a  tiny infant.

as i ordered the protective pad for her mattress and overnight diapers, i remembered doing the same for ren when she was just a babe, and i knew i was sharing in my mom’s tears.

6 thoughts on “sharing in the cycle of life

  1. You are the blessing & inspiration for your Mom!!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 you are the most incredible, selfless, beautiful, loving, nurturing person I know. May God Bless you, your family! Love you! 🙏🏼❤️💋

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  2. I’m so sorry to hear this sad news, but uplifted & touched by how you view it & that you make us all a part of your journey…..Massages are really helpful for the stiff older bodies….Massage gets the healing energy moving & the circulation going…..Sending Love….

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