wanting too much of a good thing…

we’ve all done it.  had too much of a good thing…and then totally regretted it and felt the shame that follows.  left alone, i’m pretty good at letting my will take over.  ‘oh go ahead…no one will know.  i’ll just have one more…oh heck, just eat the whole bag and then no one can see how much i ate…’

we came home to our three dogs so happy to see us, but tails between their legs, and ears back.hmmm…  wagging their little bodies, but acting like they had done something wrong.

i walked into the bathroom and there it was…the empty giant treat jar.  not sure how they managed to get into it since it was sitting on top of a cabinet, but it was completely empty.  how did they take out all the treats without spilling the whole thing onto the porcelain floor and shattering the glass jar to pieces ?

i don’t like to point fingers, but i’m fairly certain pirate was the ring leader since he’s the only one who knows how to jump with great precision.  he must have jumped up onto the ledge of the bathtub and then stood on his hind legs (which he is really good at – we call it the ‘meerkat move’) and then he must have lifted the lid with his front paws and handed out the treats one by one using his mouth?  ‘here’s one for you, scout, and one for you, danny…’ ‘yeah, sure, i think we can have one more, that sure was tasty..’  he probably tried to put the lid back on (not!) and couldn’t, so decided ‘we may as well eat all these sweet potato treats…what the heck!’

so often things happen behind closed doors, or in the car that somehow removes us from the public eye.  how is what we do in private different from what we do in public?

when we want more and more of that good thing, and we don’t know when to stop, we sometimes find ourselves feeling a lot like an empty cookie jar.

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