we’re all so different, and the magical moments of life

flurry of friends and family…clean up and good byes…a long day filled with blessings..

everyone pitched in as best they could, and in the end we were all smiles and tears – filled with gratitude that our families could share in such bliss.  what i learned over the course of the three days,

  • everyone has a different way of dealing with stress
  • don’t take anything personally – it’s not about you, it’s more about life
  • pitch in as best you can, and believe that others are trying their best too
  • focus on the positive and you will find yourself laughing and crying at the same time…life is too short to take things too seriously
  • turn music on – sing and dance whenever possible, especially if it starts to get ugly
  • find quiet time to yourself to meditate and breathe
  • don’t strive for perfection – no one will notice the details
  • cherish the hugs, and give them generously…hug, hug, hug
  • listen, listen, and learn, learn and then learn some more and laugh some more
  • family expands, and as precious and priceless is the core, so too is the new
  • don’t judge others, everyone is dealing with crap and it’s not up to us to fix them.
  • focus on connecting and not defending – listen to your heart, and not your head.
  • things will go wrong, just laugh…it’s part of the journey
  • in the end, it all works out and we can be in such appreciation for what is.

eric’s mom and i sat there watching our kids pitch in with the clean up, so happy and grateful to have children who love us…in awe of our new beginning together.

the day ended with us meeting our youngest chih and his girlfriend in fall river, massachusetts for a quiet, fun, drama-free dinner.  seeing the joy in both their eyes, and sensing the newly sprouted love reminded me of all the gifts we have before us, and how staying in the now brings us to a new beginning every time.

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