it all works out, and it can be totally glorious!

i don’t like to gossip but i must say the day started off rough with eric’s mom announcing that she wasn’t going to come to the party.  as much as everyone tried, she was not happy, and nobody was going to change her decision.  she had announced on thursday that she wanted to do the flowers, but today, she wanted no part in the preparation nor the celebration.

the party started at 2 and we had a ton to prepare so all the emotions that were being stirred had to be momentarily set aside…we had to hit the road running.

we took the list and basically spread ourselves across the town of danbury, hitting stores, getting supplies, picking out flowers, ren remembering the flowers eric’s mom had mentioned she liked on thursday, and doing her best to include those…thank goodness for texting and phones.

there are always two ways of looking at things – getting locked out of the house, and then realizing that the outdoor toilets had arrived; the scissors needed to clip the flowers were inside the locked house, and then finding my miniature pocket knife and happiness that this was an outside activity; slipping in a growing mud puddle at the entrance of the tent and nobody seeing me as i gracefully (not!) landed on the grass inside the tent; noticing that a text from the night before from a stranger in texas asking me if the dog that she had found running around in the street was mine and me frantically trying to reach tai who was still traveling to get here, all the while having no internet at the house, and then getting the call that he was safe at home…

i’ll continue later as i’m off to have breakfast with gobs of family.  highlights of the wondrous day – the party started at 2 and it stopped raining at 2:14; me wondering why have a party that ran from 2 to 11 pm, and finding that i got to visit with lots of people and actually get to know them more, eric’s mom deciding to show up after all.

watching ren and eric dance to their song ‘hooked on a feeling’ and seeing how much they love each other; watching ren and riki tap dance in their boots;my best friend from college surprising me; dancing until midnight with our children and crying seeing happy they are…driving the four of them with nine of their friends packed into a rental minivan and listening to the giggles and silly banter back and forth on the windy dark New England roads and arriving safely at our hotel:)

One thought on “it all works out, and it can be totally glorious!

  1. You make me laugh and cry all at the same time!! Eric’s mom sounds like a challenging personality. Maybe his dad leaving makes more sense now?? And you sure do get a lot done!!! All this on just a few days time — Overnight company and a leisurely walk and lunch, visiting your folks and celebrating your dad’s BD, dealing with nasty weather, helping orchestrate a big party NOT on your city, juggling family and friends…you need a vacation!!! When do you leave for Italy? XOXOX Lindsay



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