going with the flow…literally

we’re in connecticut getting ready for ren and eric’s east coast reception, and it’s just pouring nonstop.  it started early yesterday and has been relentless.  the party begins at 2, and there is no sign of it letting up.  this is not according to plan, since it’s in the backyard of the home eric grew up, but we’re just going with the flow and hoping everyone has a good time.

as i sit here thinking about our home in california, where we would be dancing up and down with this kind of rain, i am reminded of how different things can be in different parts of the world, and how deeply in gratitude i am for what is.

eric’s home was built in the 1700’s…how cool is that?  the electricity and plumbing are fragile, so it’s important people stay outside.  we spent the day making adjustments to the soppy, cold situation – got heaters, moved the outdoor theater into the basement, added more lights and another tent.

the really cool thing is that we got to see the two families, and the many personalities unfold.  we are all so different in the way we see things, but we were able to talk things through, and make things happen.  we had one major disagreement that resulted in the two not talking to each other for the rest of the day, but hopefully that’ll be resolved today….

i’m choosing to focus on the positive – i get to meet a lot of eric’s family who i didn’t get to meet in california, and to see most of brian’s relatives who live on the east coast and best of all we get to see our four grown children gathered together celebrating once again, ren and eric’s marriage.

it’ll be joyous, wet, cold …and wonderful!

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