miracle monday #2

i’m learning to share secrets…good and bad ones. by living a life that is more transparent, i allow myself to be vulnerable, and humble.  i find i can always be in a position to learn, and to see possibilities, the more open i am.  so every monday, i’m going to be sharing miracles that i couldn’t share before because i used to think i owned them.  now i share everything, because i see when i do, i step into the flow of the universe, and it feels really nice.

this one is a strange one, but it really works for me.  i use a solution of half water and half organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar (ACV), put this into a small quirt bottle, and i use this as a spritz to clean my face and neck morning and night.  i used a nice jumbo cotton ball, spritz the ball or my face, and then i wipe.


some people use it as a wash, but as i age, i don’t use water on my face anymore, except in the shower in the mornings.  i found that water dries out my skin.  so instead i use ACV as a toner/cleanser, and it keeps my skin from drying out and it really does help with the tone of my skin…dark spots are fading :), and my skin feels smooth and supple.

our skin is our largest organ, exposed to so many harsh elements.  it’s a wonderful, natural way to care for my skin, without spending gobs of money on processed chemical filled cosmetics.

guys can use this method too!  it really works.


2 thoughts on “miracle monday #2

  1. Good morning girlfriend! Love Monday Miracles!! Will try it this morning😀 Let’s walk? What are you up to today?!

    Nancy Miller 310-266-0400 Sent from my iPhone


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