seeing the world before learning the fear

when my daughter was just a tiny thing, she would strike up conversations with anyone and everyone.  ‘what’s your name?’ ‘is it your birthday?’ ‘are you married?’ people would be taken aback because she was very verbal at a wonderfully young age.  wherever we went, we’d always leave people smiling and in awe.

one day we were checking out at the grocery store, and she said to the woman at the register, ‘i like your hairdo.  where did you get it?’  the woman looked up in shock, and asked me ‘oh wow, how old is your baby?’ and my daughter, ren, said with a huge smile, ‘i’m 18 months old.’

when i go through my day, i think about ren and her ability to make anyone’s day.  she would treat people as friends instead of strangers.  and isn’t that just a precious way to see the world?  and i think in many ways that’s the way babies come into the world.  how are they to know who’s a stranger and who’s a friend? but because of the evil that exists in our world, parents out of fear, teach children not to talk to strangers, not to trust just anyone.

how sad that fear often guides our lives.

as i go about my day, i try and remember baby ren, and i try my best to treat each  person as a friend. i ask them about their day, and i tell them i like their hairdo when i do.  if i think someone has beautiful eyes, i tell them how i love their eyes.

i think about how ren would leave people smiling and how she would make a such a difference in another person’s day, and that i can too. she still has that magical ability. sometimes i have to remember to see the world as a kid, before i learned to be afraid.

One thought on “seeing the world before learning the fear

  1. Thank you, thank you for this!!! I loved reading it & I envisioned Ren as a baby, talking to the people that she looked at as friends vs strangers. It is beautiful to see the world through kids eyes- ❤️❤️❤️❤️


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