the higher self within each of us

i find it so curious that we were created with good and bad, and that good and bad surround us all the time.  take food for example.  everyone seems to love sugar.  and yet it’s so bad for us – it’s just not good for our health.  why is it that so many foods that we love are not good for us? and how is it that we moved from whole, natural foods into processed foods, and that we are now learning that these processed foods are what may be ultimately killing us?  it’s as if the world of man was created to have the intelligence to design things that work to make our lives easier, but eventually hurt us…that in living our wills, we learn that our wills lead us down dangerous paths.  often those choices down those self satisfying desires work to destroy us, and eventually lead us back to learning our ultimate connection to a will greater than ourselves.  the will of the universe, our creator’s will.

if i look at the foods that are bad for us as the food that i crave, i can also look at the things in life as bad for me, and as things that i crave.  it’s the practice of will power, self will, if you will.  do i feed my will to want what is bad for me? or do i make a conscious choice to not give into the part of me that craves, and choose  that which is good for me?  because it’s usually not a craving that is good for me spiritually.

it’s usually a conscious choice that’s going to allow me to grow spiritually.

so when i hear my inner voice saying ‘what about me? me, me, me…’  ‘what do i want, want, want?’ , i pause and detach from that voice which is my will.  i listen to the stillness and i usually hear what it is i need to grow instead.  it’s when my will is in harmony with god’s will, or what’s good for this universe, that i experience connection to my higher self and peace.

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