call me wacky, but i love words.  i love to play with words in ways that help me grow and remember things.  call them pneumonic devices, or acronyms, or maybe just manette’s way of thinking.  the other morning i came out of my meditation thinking about perspective, attitude and choices.  and i realized that these are all so critical in my transformation – PACT.  in my transformation, i make a pact with myself, the universe, my creator, to better understand how i can change to always live through my heart.





perspective is the shift that takes place in helping me understand the world and how i relate to others.  often stuck in my own perspective, i fail to see the other person stuck in his own perspective as well, and that it’s not up to me to change the other’s perspective, but to try do my best to understand his perspective.  perspective being made up of all my past experiences added up together to now give me a unique pair of lenses in which to sense and perceive the world.

attitude is the mind set in which my actions and thoughts originate.  it is the source in which the seed is nourished.  if my attitude is one of acceptance, then there is no judgement, no criticism, no desire to change the other person, or the situation.  in this place of acceptance, i find myself in a place of gratitude for what is.  an attitude of gratitude keeps me positive and at peace.

choice is my heart’s truth, not my ego’s will.  it’s the pause i take, when i realize that my ego wants something louder than my heart.  i practice conscious choices in every action i take, in every thought that passes through my mind.  i become very mindful that i can detach from the ego’s desires, and choose to come from a place of loving kindness instead.

transformation is what takes place as i live through the heart.  it is the shedding of all the fearful conditioned reactions to daily living that i learned growing up.  it is the transformation to the infant, to the truth, the essence of who i was originally made…created in love, to love without conditions.

“hate knows that love is the cure” – stevie wonder

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