miracle monday

a friend encouraged me to share tips on living.  it’s funny because i used to be afraid to share even a favorite recipe for fear that it would no longer be my signature dish.  but now that i’m living through the heart, i realize that it’s my ego that wants to keep secrets, and it’s my heart that wants to share.  so every monday, i’m sharing with you, some tip that works for me and i’m calling it miracle mondays.  they’ll range from cleaning solutions, to cooking tips, skin care to healthy eating.  and if you have any you want to share, please do! we’re all in this together 🙂 so why not share, learn and grow?

tip #1:  last year when trying to decide whether or not to donate my dining room chairs to the salvation army, i came across a stain remover solution that works miracles.  my white chairs that i just couldn’t seem to clean after several visits from a very active toddler – love that little guy, but man can he make a mess! – are now white after applying this miracle solution…

stain remover that works every time:

4 parts hydrogen peroxide mixed with 1 part dawn dishwashing solution (it must be dawn, i think because of its degreasing ability).  shake this mixture up and apply on your stain.  let sit for however long you need – or however long your patience can wait.  i think the more stubborn the stain, the longer you want to wait.  then blot dry.  i have a tendency to want to rub dirt out, but blotting does prevent the spreading of the stain, so i use a white clean cloth, and do a blot dry.  press hard on the stain, and basically soak up the solution and stain into your cloth.

the solution can be altered if you feel you need something stronger or are tackling something with grease or oily skin – one part hydrogen peroxide with one part dawn.  good luck!

One thought on “miracle monday

  1. I LOVE this idea of miracle Monday!! Thank you!!! And I have got to try this- I need to get Dawn- I have plenty of hydrogen peroxide :))

    Speaking of which, I use hydrogen peroxide to whiten my teeth. I have been doing this for over 5 years. I use the cap it comes with that brown bottle which you can get it any drugstore, CVS has it for like a $1.99- I swish in my mouth until it’s a little foamy, then spit it out, and then brush my teeth as usual. If your teeth are not sensitive and you can do that twice a day, the results will be quicker. If your teeth are too sensitive for every day, that’s a ride, do it every other day or wet your toothbrush with how did your peroxide, and then put toothpaste on top. Hope that helps. :))))


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