i attract that which i act

there used to be days when things just wouldn’t be going right.  even on the phone, i’d get people who were rude and inconsiderate.  people seemed surly and hurried, too busy to even smile or give eye contact.

then i heard someone say, ‘if you run into three assholes in one day, chances are you’re one of them.’

whoa.  i needed to hear that.  not that i was ever an asshole :), but there were definitely days when i was grumpy.  and negativity is definitely contagious!  for example, if i’m on the phone dealing with customer service, i can start off nasty and accusatory, and get nothing in return, or i can start off kind, and get the results i want.   if i catch myself being anything other than polite and kind, sometimes i actually have to hang up the phone and start over again.

if i can be the example of the way i want others to be, i usually attract those like people.  if i focus on telling them the way i want them to be, i meet with resistance, conflict and egos butting heads.  the heart attracts, the ego demands.

i can start my every action with a smile, expecting nothing in return, and i’ll meet people all day who smile back, who want me to go first, who go out of their way to say something kind, who want to be near me.  or i can be in a hurry, not smile, expect things from others, and have nothing but nastiness in return.  if my smile doesn’t work, i don’t take things personally, i let that person have his negative space, but i continue smiling, because i’m expecting nothing in return.

the smile and attitude have to be true and real…from the heart.  if these gifts are used to manipulate, which is the ego, then i may find myself feeling hurt or insignificant.  the heart doesn’t judge or compare, the ego does.

“if you smile at me, i will understand ’cause that is something everybody, everywhere does in the same language.” – stephen stills

3 thoughts on “i attract that which i act

  1. You make such an important distinction between heart and ego, securely what happens when the heart is not sincere. Here’s to one less asshole in the world today… Today I’m choosing to speak The universal language of a smile!!! 🙂

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