the miracle of polar opposites

the sound of rain reminds me of god, the universe, the divine.  when my children were little, they loved putting on their boots, splashing in the puddles and getting soaked…i wonder as adults if they still love doing that?  living in southern california, rain doesn’t happen very often.  and so we experience a great appreciation when it does rain, much the way seattle-ians must appreciate sunny days? i know our plants must be celebrating today.

sometimes the experience of polar opposites reminds us to stay in gratitude and to love the moment.  it’s the birth that is miraculous, but without the death, we would take life for granted.  without sadness, our joy may go unnoticed.  without the dark, the light may appear dim.  without the pain and suffering, our blessings would be lessened, and perhaps missed.  without the challenges and obstacles, freedom and acceptance may not be discovered.  without our human fallibility, mistakes and failures, our growth towards compassion and love may never be learned.  i find myself in awe of our creator and the opposites that exist in life.

as i walk in the rain, and let the drops soak me, i experience the miracle of life. i become one with the flowers and streams, and i say thank you god for the many blessings.

“you can live two ways.  everyday is a miracle, or everyday is not…” – albert einstein

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