transforming from within, in touch with living in the now

if you haven’t seen this latest ad by under armour, check it out.  in many ways i can so relate.  ‘you are the sum of all your training’.  not that i’m an athlete, but that i’m in training.  i love the idea that i’m in training.  because if i’m in training, than i’m always becoming, i’m always working towards, i’m always learning.  and in looking at my past and who i am now, i’ve made a lot of progress.  yes, i’ve fallen, just as one does in training, but i’ve learned to pick myself up and to learn from my mistakes, own and admit them, and to grow from them.

i also love being the sum, the amalgamation of the parts, because this allows me to see that it’s one thing at a time, one day at a time, one moment at a time.  in other words, i don’t have to transform overnight.  if i see that i’m transforming every moment, then anything is possible.  i don’t have to see it as an overwhelming task –  that i have control of myself.  i can enjoy the progress that i’m making, and not be so hard on myself that i’m not perfect.

i accept the things i don’t have control over – the mysteries in life.  i focus on loving and improving myself, and i transform in harmony with what is.  as i live in co-creation with the universe, then i experience being in the flow, or in the zone.

the other message is ‘rule yourself’, which in many ways gives you the power, the intent, the motivation to take charge and make things happen.  and if you train daily in your passion, you are living your passion, you detach from your ego, and you find a connection through your heart that allows you to experience your gift.  i love being in the presence of someone in the zone, whether it’s watching a sporting event, a beautiful dance, or listening to jazz as the artists or athletes create through their hearts in harmony with the flow.

the change begins with me.  if i wait for things to happen, pray for things to change, dream about what i want to happen, then i’m not living.  i have to be the one who looks inside, finds her purpose and takes the steps and risks to truly live the journey.  and if i’m not attached to the result, but stay present in the moment, the passion of what i’m doing, then i find gratitude and joy – in touch with what it means to live.

“live as if you were to die tomorrow. learn as if you were to live forever.” – mahatma gandhi

3 thoughts on “transforming from within, in touch with living in the now

  1. My big lesson now is to not become attached to the result. All we have is right here, right now. Thanks for your reminder to stay present in the moment! Just for today- I don’t need to force a solution … It will happen when it’s supposed to.

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