in seeking growth and not perfection, i find joy

staying in motion is part of living in the flow.  it’s the idea that when i let fear tell me that my idea isn’t possible, or that my actions aren’t perfect, or that i’m focussing on the result, that i find myself hesitant to take the next step…that i find myself stuck.  when i believe in myself, love myself, and my purpose, i step into the flow of living, and life happens.

often i have too many ideas that i want to act upon.  i have to remind myself, to slow down and take one action at a time because often these two ideas are completely unrelated.  i remind myself of our dog, pirate, who loves balls.  if you give him two balls to chase, he will literally get stuck trying to pick both of them up in his little mouth.  it’s only when he stops trying to get both, that he succeeds in picking up one.

i allow myself the gift of choice.  i get over the fear of failure, and i jump in and take the risk.  if what i am pursuing doesn’t work, i can at least say i tried.  i can learn from my mistakes and see that in taking risks, i grow.  if i become attached to the results, and those results are feeding my ego, then my fear grows and it becomes harder to take those risks.  if let go of the results and just enjoy the process, embrace whatever happens happens, i live through my heart, and find peace, harmony and joy.

making mistakes is proof that i’m trying, and that’s part of living and growing.

2 thoughts on “in seeking growth and not perfection, i find joy

  1. I went to a yoga workshop recently and heard something about taking risks and not being afraid of failures that really resonates with your writing . The difference between a beginner and a master is that the master has tried and failed more times than the beginner has tried. I’m learning to embrace the journey in my recovery and realize that it truly is about progress not perfection. It is only a failure if we choose to see it that way. The choice is up to each one of us.

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