finding peace as my guide

is it possible that our minds get overworked? that we spend so much time thinking and problem solving that we forget how to be in touch with our hearts?  that our overthinking, and obsessive thoughts, contribute to the stress that is so damaging to our health?  is it possible that we lose touch with our sense of stillness, as we become so accustomed to living in conflict, chaos or drama?  …is it possible that our standard of being is that of constant stress that we think this feeling is normal?

from observing my man and his struggles with depression, the most calming and powerful remedy for the loud and destructive voice that would tell him again and again how unworthy he was, was the therapy he found when using his hands – whether it was fixing a ceramic mug, or building a raised garden bed for me.  he found peace when he could use his hands to create or fix something.

i too found peace when i was using my hands to cook or knit, or my body in doing yoga or dance. i found the most healing when i didn’t have to follow a recipe or a pattern – when i could just create, not engage my brain and allow my mind to completely rest.  once in tune with my sense of peace and serenity, i could more realistically appreciate that place, that state of being and to use it as my guide for living.

instead of living in a constant state of conflict, judgement, negativity and needing to be perfect, my center is that of peace, non judgment, acceptance and that of a beginner.

in living through the heart, i now know what it is to be in peace and I am ready for any lesson to be learned…and there are oh so many.

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