on meeting random people, and dogs, who remind me to look around

on our walk the other day we met a man walking his dog.  not only are dogs the best creatures in the world to teach all about unconditional love, but they are also great connectors.

connectors are those beautiful creatures who bring totally random people together.  they are the ones who know a friend who you need to meet.  they listen carefully, and meet people with intention, knowing that we are here on earth to help each other, or simply to remind us of our many blessings.

dogs will stop, sniff and pause to say ‘hello’ and hope that their masters will do the same.  so we paused while our dogs played.  brian had met this man before down at the beach.  he brings his dog with him, and while he surfs, his dog watches.

our conversation lasted a mere five minutes, as we were interrupted by one of our dogs climbing into a fenced yard and we had to playfully retrieve her before any trouble occurred.  during our little chat i found myself talking to a zen master of sorts.  he’s from london, used to play rugby professionally and now travels the world surfing, including new zealand, australia, south africa, hawaii, hong kong – meeting people and seeing how they live.  he likes change.  he pointed to the tree beside us and commented that the tree appears to be still, but that it too is changing all the time (i get excited when i meet someone who sees the world as i do..).  there was a calm about him that i found inviting.  he was in no rush to be anywhere but there, on the path we were hiking, tho in opposite directions.

before parting ways, i asked him of all the places he’s visited, what’s his favorite and to my surprise he said, ‘i’d have to say here.’  hmmm, funny how i had imagined all those other places to be more appealing than southern california.  and then of course i was reminded how easy it is to take things for granted and that when i look around and notice the miracles, that’s when i remember just how lucky we are when we are in the now.

i have a wonderful feeling, had we been standing on the crowded streets of hot and humid delhi, he would have said ‘here’.

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