choosing to be a person i like to be around

i visit my parents at their senior village every week.  and i love it.  i love the people i’ve been getting to know.  they are such a joy to be around.

over the years i’ve realized there are basically two different kinds of people – negative or positive.  it’s that simple.  i happened to be sitting with a group of positive folks last year.  the table was long and there were a lot of friends laughing and enjoying the banter.  i noticed a candle sitting in the middle of the table.

the candle belonged to ann.  she carries it in the storage bin of her walker, and she takes it wherever she goes.  she explained that she likes to put it on the table and that way every meal is special.  i love that.

well, that evening, a woman sitting by herself, walks over with her walker, coughing and hacking.  she points to the candle and tells ann that she’s going to need to put that candle out – that it was making it difficult for her to breathe.  so ann reached over and pinched the flame….and the flame was fake!  it was one of those candles that flickers with a piece of fabric and a tiny light bulb.  even i had been fooled.

but it just became so clear how you can surround yourself with people who make you laugh, who bring light wherever they go, who like the meal they’re being served, or you can sit by yourself, and never see the good in the world.

when i think about the changes i want to make in myself, i think about the people who i enjoy being around.

if i’m gonna be somebody, and since i’m gonna be around her all the time, why not choose to be a person i like to be around – it’s that simple.

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