aligning with what i love and experiencing harmony

when i sit in nature, or walk in nature, i am reminded that i am simply a part of nature.  i actually feel what it’s like to be a tree, a bird, an ant when i quiet my thoughts, detach from them and sit in total acceptance of me.  when i’m simply one of god’s creation, i experience humbleness.  i see that my desires to be something bigger and better are simply a part of my ego.  i experience harmony and peace when i sit in silence accepting myself as a blade of grass wanting nothing but a simple gratitude for the sun, the earth and water.

as i practice being in harmony with nature, i realize that just as my garden is ever changing, and growing, so too am i.  it is the personal inner growth that i focus on, not my ego’s growth.  as i become in tune to my gift, i am drawn to explore it, not as a source of money, or recognition, but as a source of my peace.  in other words, if i focus on the result of honing my gift in hopes to reap outside benefits, i will never be enough, i will always want more.  if i let go of becoming attached to the results, and simply focus on the journey, the actual act of practicing my gift, the results naturally happen.  yes, there is lots of work involved in the honing of the gift, but it’s not the ‘hard work’ associated with ego’s desire to win.  it is the love of learning the gift that results in lots of practice.

ghandi once said, “happiness is when what we think, what we say and what we do are in harmony.”

if you are aligned with your gift, you will never experience ‘having to work.’  or as confucius says  “choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

for example, the golfer who plays for the love of it, vs. the golfer who plays only to win.  at some point tiger woods was playing for the love of it, but somewhere along the way, his ego got in the way, and suddenly the constant judgement from the outside started to erode the harmony he was experiencing from playing for the love and joy of it.

if i look at life as that journey co-creating with the universe, then i will always be in harmony with nature and the universe.  if i look at life as winning, competing or more money as the result of my hard work, i lose my connection to being a part of nature and i experience discontent, lack of fulfillment and a constant desire to have more.

it is in living through my heart that i experience peace and the blessing that there is nothing missing from my life.  it is my head that wants more, it is my heart that knows only to relate, and not judge, and to be in harmony with what is in me.

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