through the struggles and into the calm and all our blessings

i must admit living with someone who struggles with depression is not easy.   but to see that someone making progress towards health and happiness is absolutely glorious.  ren’s wedding truly represented a new beginning, not just for ren, but for brian as well.

the months leading up to the wedding were packed with meetings, vendors, phone conversations, appointments and general craziness.  i watched brian taking steps to take care of himself.  he made conscious efforts to get up early… at first to drive and check out the surf, and then to take his board and check out the surf, and then to actually get in the water and attempt to get past the wake, and then to finally get past the waves and into the calm.

into the calm of the expansive open sea, past the struggle of the pounding surf…brian made it, stroke by stroke, step by step, into total acceptance of the beauty that lay before him.

it was a beautiful progression which symbolized where he is today.  he is calm and for the first time in a long time, at peace with himself, me, his children, and perhaps most importantly, at peace with memories of his father.

ren’s dream to have a small, intimate family wedding was really what was right for where our family is today in our healing.  as much as i would have loved to have all our friends there, what i realized in the planning of it, small was exactly what brian and our family needed.

it was the intimacy of the wedding that allowed us time to reflect and connect with eric’s family, and to reconnect with our own.  ren wrote each of us the most beautiful, heartfelt letters of gratitude that reaffirmed her love for us, and her everlasting devotion to family – our commitment and love to each other and to them.  in a letter to her father she wrote, “there are not enough thank yous to cover everything you have done for me.  i will leave it with i love you.  i am gratefulwe are blessed.”

4 thoughts on “through the struggles and into the calm and all our blessings

  1. I an filled with emotion reading this. Happy, blessed emotions, because it shows hope, it shows God working, it shows faith & it shows love. Thank you for bringing us along this journey with you and your family. I loved reading every step leading to the magical day!!! Love you M!! 🙏🏼❤️💋

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