finding clarity in my heart

god created us to be so totally different from each other, in nearly every way…our looks, our brains, our experiences…and yet he also created us to have one thing in common…our hearts.  as i learn to live alongside those differences, and accept people the way they are, without wanting them to be more like me, i find it helps me to look deep into my heart.

it’s through the heart, that i find our common ground where i can then fully embrace our differences.

our egos and brains know so much, and that’s where the confusion lies, especially when i feel the need to get into everyone’s else’s brains.  that’s when the confusion grows to insanity.  trying to guess what other people are thinking, intending, and assuming this or that, can drive me crazy.  so i try to stay out of other people’s heads, stay in my own.  and even then, if i find myself letting my ego go to a place of judgement, i’ve learned to detach from my own thoughts, and find peace inside, in my heart.

my heart knows only love.  love only knows to relate and understand.  it doesn’t compare or judge, it is unconditional in how it wants to connect.  it only knows peace and serenity through gratitude and compassion.

god gave us brains and wills….and sometimes our will can be so very strong.  it is when my will and my heart are in alignment that i find clarity.  it is when my heart is in disagreement with all the noise in my head, that i become confused and lost.  and so i quiet my mind, and listen to my heart and let it guide me.

there i find clarity, peace, connection and love

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