the creative space of time

making time is a lot like creating time.  as i accept that time passes, that it is nothing that i can stop, control or turn back, i see that i am just a part of the creation of time.  i see that i am not a finished product, that i am in creation.

resistance of time is exhausting; acceptance of time is energizing.

when i step into the flow of time, i experience creation.  i experience being a part of creation, and the idea of change.  change can be positive or negative.  when i see that my part in the change is about growth and transformation, i experience a connection to my purpose, my individual gift, and i create along with my creator.

when i make time to follow my heart, my passions, i experience transformation.

when i resist change, i experience the negative results of trying to control that which is not within my powers to control.  when i accept change, i experience the positive results of letting go, and stepping into the flow and transformation

and my flower begins to bloom.

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