life and death

i attended a memorial service for a friend’s son yesterday.  jeremiah had been struggling with cancer for years and passed away thursday at the young age of 27.  there was so much pain in his journey, that letting go and the thought of him no longer being in pain, brought peace and blessings throughout the room.  at some point our tears and laughter came out at the same time.  it’s as if we are touched in our hearts in such a powerful way, that we felt both the pain and the joy of life and death.

i used to think of death as only sadness, but i found myself seeing through the eyes of angela, and how grateful she was to see her baby no longer in pain.  i felt peace.

i wonder if it is the laughter and the tears that opens our heart to connect to each other and to our creator.  although i didn’t know most of the people in the room it was as if we did know each other.  we felt connected through jeremiah and his mother angela.  they were gifts to each other and to us.  they showed us about love, life and death.  they showed us strength and courage, acceptance and faith.  with her great loss, angela was able to see the blessings and to be filled with gratitude that she had those years with him.

it was if jeremiah was still with us.  his body had left, but his soul was still alive.  i think i was experiencing a connection to the hearts that were in that room, and to an energy that only comes from having an open heart.

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