making things happen instead of waiting

it is a place i like to go if a place can be a space.  it’s where i find creation.  it’s as if connecting to some power source and finding this energy to create.  i have an idea that has no words associated with it yet – i just start creating.

i am at greatest peace when i’m creating.  sometimes my creating comes out as writing, and sometimes it comes out in my cooking, gardening, and sometimes in simple daily interactions.   it’s an experience where i have no expectations, where i find excitement in discovery and mystery.  not knowing what is going to come out as a result of my imagination is what makes every moment exciting.

and that’s when i realize that i am in perpetual creation.

i was watching the nba draft the other day with brian, and i was not at all surprised to hear so many thanks to god.  here were these young men who had worked so hard to now be in the nba…their abilities to create plays and moments that are in response to what is happening to them as they experience the now, is exactly what i’m referring to when i find myself connecting to that place of creation.

i do believe that god wants each of us to find that place or space of creation.  it’s the understanding that i have to do the work to practice the skills i need to create, but that in honing those skills, i find a connection with everyone who is also creating.

we are all creating every moment of every day.  the awareness of those moments of creation varies from individual to individual, and it is this awareness that helps me identify my personal gift.

we each have been given a gift, we just have to identify that gift through the practice of awareness.  as i hone my skills, i am aware of the ones that bring me the most peace and joy.

when i stopped waiting for fridays, waiting for summer, looking for someone to fall in love with, waiting for the baby to arrive, waiting for someone to get well….and i started to experience the actual moments – this is when i started to create, this is when i started to live.

life is not about waiting for things to happen, it’s about making things happen.

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