in silence, i change

i fall asleep in gratitude, i awake in gratitude

i am blessed.

when times were tough, i didn’t always feel this way.  there were days when life was scary, when i had to isolate, and hide.  there were days when i didn’t want to have to lie and tell people ‘fine’ when things weren’t fine.  i was afraid to tell the truth, because back then, i didn’t understand the truth.

what i learned in the process is that there are some things that i can’t change.  when life is happening around me, and people are making choices not according to my plan, life can become unmanageable.  when i’m focussed on blaming things outside myself for my state of well being, life can be miserable.

when i look inside and see i can make changes in me, that is where i find strength and courage to do what it takes to change.  i can choose to have a different perspective.  i can choose to have a different thought.  i can choose to connect, instead of compare.

i can choose to listen with my heart, and listen to yours.   i get out of your head, where i don’t belong, and into your heart.  and when i do, i hear your pain.  i hear your love.  and we connect.  we become one.

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