living love and facing fear

is sadness part of love?  when we experience love, why so often do we cry?  is pain part of love?  i think so.  god created both in everything so we could experience wholeness.  when we can acknowledge that we have both happiness and sadness, good and bad, joy and pain, chaos and peace, life and death, we find personal freedom and acceptance.  it is when we try and control or deny that we are only one and not the other that we find disappointment and a sense of being incomplete.

it is when i can embrace the pain that comes with love and not expect that it’s solely a feeling of joy, that i am now experiencing love in its fullness. i am whole when i live love and face fear.   because it is the sharing of both the pain and joy that brings people together.  it’s as if crying and experiencing pain, opens the heart to receive love.

when people connect in pain and share in the suffering, and find compassion, it is then that love grows.

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