removing our walls and sharing the light

i guess “thinking outside the box” is a little like experiencing life without a box.   living through the heart has certainly opened a new way of looking at life and how i relate to people.  in life from the heart there is no box, no walls to keep me from understanding you.

i used to live in a box, familiar with the way i liked to have things done, comfortable with what i knew.  i would run into people who had completely different ways of doing things.  our boxes would bump into each other and we’d have trouble getting close.

when i met my husband, who is from a large irish family that loves to argue and be loud, i was almost certain we couldn’t ever be a couple.  my chinese family didn’t like to argue and was extremely quiet.  how were our boxes every stop bumping into each other.  we saw life so differently and would react to the same situation in completely opposite ways.  in the end i learned from him how to be expressive of my thoughts, and he learned from me to be more reflective.  now i can look back and see that we were meant to meet and fall in love.  i have grown in ways i am so grateful for…

but most importantly we learned to open our boxes and let the other in.

now in living through the heart, i’ve discarded the box completely.  i find myself in the middle of an open light where i see and understand others’ perspectives by mere exposure, as if we’re sharing our lights and seeing different colors.  in seeing how different our perspectives are, i have come to love the different ways of looking at the same thing.

instead of getting stuck in trying to change their way of seeing things,  i have come to value their way of looking at things and their way of doing things.  things don’t annoy me the way they used to when i was trapped in my box.  in fact, seeing their way, reminds me how much i have to yet to learn, and will always be ready to learn if i remain open.

imagine us all being spirits, bright lights that shine, and that our skin and skulls are our walls.  if we remove our exteriors, our spirits would share the light, and we  would all become one.

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