forever teachable

when i remind myself that i am forever teachable, life becomes more manageable.

i do believe there’s a reason god made our earth round.  the sphere reminds me that in no way, at any moment is one person greater than another.  we are all walking on the same earth at the same time.  for me to think that i am somehow better than another because i make wiser choices, is just my ego telling me that.  when i detach from my ego, and see that we are all equal, that we all make good and bad choices, that being human is not about perfection, but about acknowledging and accepting that we’re all imperfect.

for me to criticize, or to even to think that someone needs to change to be more like me, will always put me in a place of conflict and i will never find peace.  accepting that we are all different in the way we experience the world, and hence how we see the world, allows me to accept that each of us has a different way of living each moment.  and that it’s not up to me to get anyone to see it and live it the way i am choosing to live it.

for example, the way i am choosing to put foods that are good and nourishing for my body doesn’t make me better than the person who is eating processed foods and sugar.  we are two different people, making two different choices.  judging the other person and the choices he makes is not going to contribute to my serenity.

i accept the way other people choose to live, place no judgement, and look for ways that i can be forever teachable.  when i choose to focus on ways i can improve, ways i can continue to learn, i lose the ego’s desire to judge and force change on others.  i find ways to connect with others, and to understand their perspective.  i become open to change…open to a new way of seeing things…open to a learning something new, including a new way of experiencing the world.

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