life is about living love

it’s about love…life is about love.

when we ask, what is our purpose? what is life about?  i hear, love.  it’s simply about love.

love is not something that we look for, find and have to hold onto.

love is what we create, with god, and make adjustments in, as our lives change with the decisions we make. love is inside us and grows when we share it with others.  loves enters when we cry and laugh, sing and dance, when we share from the heart, the good and the bad, happy and sad.

love is happening within us.  it’s more like a safe space that grows and grows …love fills us with no limits.
love simply is…love is pure.  it’s like our air on a clear day after a glorious rain.

love is inside each of us, it’s just that we’ve lost touch with it, we’ve forgotten the power to connect and relate because we’ve allowed our egos to define us.  that somehow our way of seeing things is better than the other’s way of seeing things.  love is not proving that one is right and the other wrong.

love is trusting that we are all living with the ability to understand and have compassion.  we lose the need to prove anything when we trust.  it is when we stop asking for what we want, and start listening to what the other is experiencing, that we find ourselves in the space of love.

it is when we stop searching for love, that love finds us. when we stop putting conditions on how we want love to look like, we begin to attract true love…this is when we start living love.

love is not a thing.  love is not about ‘if’s’ …love is not about having to explain. there are no conditions with love. it is the ego that sets conditions.  i know that i can stay true to myself, and not submit to conditions to be loved or to give love.

love is unconditional. sometimes we just have to let go when our perspectives are different.  i keep it simple.  Do i understand the other’s perspective? am i listening with my heart? yes.  i take care of my part, live by example and have faith that kindness, not pride, is what feeds the heart.

when i listen with my heart, my heart and your heart want to relate and connect… i don’t feel guilt, for the heart does not compare, compete, or judge…there is no fear.

love is in you…love is in all of is our essence, our souls, and it is about connecting and joining in ONE.

in each of us lies love, it is in loving that we begin to truly live.

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