the practice of my heart’s intention

when my father would tell me that he has memories of being inside his mother’s womb, i would laugh, and think he was just trying to kid around with me.  but now i have those memories.  i understand exactly what he’s talking about.

when i pause, whether in meditation or in stillness, i can remember being inside my mother.  it is the most peaceful place i have ever been.  i was there, and so were you.  when i was a baby inside my mother, i was growing, changing, preparing for my time to shine, just as i am now, outside my mother…

it was dark, but i was in total and complete trust that my mother was providing my every need.  i never had to ask for anything, i just allowed her love for me to feed me in ways she knew best.  when it was time for me to emerge, and i struggled through the tight tunnel, someone held me, and when i opened my eyes, i saw her.  i blinked as i peeked…. the light was so bright.  i cried as i sought air for the first time.  i was a miracle, and she was a miracle.  everything and everyone around me was a miracle.

this is how i see my every day, my every moment.  there are no words that can describe what surrounds me every precious moment of every day.  and when i was that tiny baby, i needed no words, just as today i need only my heart as my guide.  i was simply in awe…simply in total curiosity of what was before me, of what i had to learn in order for me to grow.

there was no judgement, no fear, just complete wonder that i was there.  and that’s where i first experienced my heart’s intention.  as i allowed my heart to be open to what was before me, i sensed i could touch people’s lives just by being there, listening with all my heart.  just by being there i was experiencing the power of the heart’s intention before my mind could find words to create worry, anger, or fear.  i just had to trust that i would be loved and that i could spread love.  and this is where i found my connection, my heart’s intent, my true purpose.

and as i grew, i learned words, my mind and ego grew.  i learned fear, and judgement, competition, conflict, and discord.

and so to stay in touch with my soul, i practice my heart’s intention.  in making conscious choices,  i practice kindness and compassion and i remember that we all came into this world with this same intention.

when i practice kindness, i can be an example to those around me.  when i am an example, i share the experience of compassion.  in sharing, others feel the light, and in seeing the light, we all feel the blessing.  choosing peace over conflict is my light.  we can all be examples, and in practicing, we all get to share the light.

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