in touch with my inner baby and allowing my heart to grow

i think about the inner baby in me a lot – she’s different from my inner child.  my inner baby came into this world with no words.  she opened her eyes each day in awe of what was before her.  all the smells, the tastes, the touches and the sounds were all so new to her.  everything was so exciting, curious and a sense of discovery surrounded her…every person she met smelled her, and smiled.  this inner baby was experiencing love, acceptance and total and complete awe in return.  because everyone who met her was in awe of the miracle ….the tiny toes, the perfect fingernails, the precious and tiny lashes, the ever so soft skin…

i think of the language of the heart when i think of that inner baby.  it’s a lot like a state of being…it’s where i go when i meditate. in stillness i’m in the womb, and then i find a state of heightened awareness where each little moment, each little breath becomes precious.  when i am in complete peace, i have returned to that inner baby.  i see the world in complete awe and appreciation.  i see everything as a miracle.  the heart relates, does not judge, instead connects and brings people closer.  as the baby grows and she continues to learn more about love, but she also begins to learn about anger, frustration and greed.  as her ego grows, so too does her fear, and often she loses touch with her heart.  the more she feeds her ego, the more the heart gets forgotten.

it is in neglect that the heart weakens, it is in mindfulness, awareness and conscious choices that it strengthens.  today i choose to stay in touch with my heart, but also to nurture it and allow it to grow.

“Love is what we were born with, fear is what we learned here.”- Marianne Williamson

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