on being one through the heart

we have four grown children who we adore to pieces.  i find myself in such gratitude and love thinking about them.  they each are so different from each other, while at the same time share a common core.  i often find myself thinking about that common core, and i realize that that core is the heart.

each of our four children have hearts that stretch and expand beyond one’s imagination.

there’s a game we used to play at the dinner table  (we played lots of games)…  i called it, ‘tell me about your day.’  it started off loosy goosey, but evolved into something i find myself doing everyday before i fall asleep.  one day i found myself asking the kids, ‘tell me three things that made a difference in your day’ – it could be good, bad, sad, happy…anything that made a difference in your day….how you experienced your day.

in playing this game i realized that i was asking them to get in touch with their hearts.

when we first started this game, they wanted prompts like, ‘what made you smile?’, ‘what made you cry?’, ‘did you help anyone?’, ‘did anyone help you?’ ‘did you make anyone smile?’…’would you do anything differently?’ ‘what are you excited about tomorrow?’  we would focus on the small things and in doing so began to see the changes we could make little by little…sitting with someone at lunch who was alone, taking the time to pick up trash, offering a hand to someone who fell…how laughing with a friend was different from laughing at a friend..

before long, there was no need for these questions.  dinner became a time to share. we would share our stories of the day.  it was that time of day where we could reflect on our actions, think about ways of making a difference in not only each of our days, but others’ as well.  before long, our children began experiencing their days in ways that allowed them to see the positive impact they could have on others.

they became empowered with kindness, compassion and love.

it was the time of our day when we connected through the heart and listened carefully to each others’ truths.  this is where it became so clear to me just how different and precious each of us is, and yet are so same within.

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