seeing the light

sometimes it’s when things are the toughest, when things aren’t going the way i had hoped or planned, sometimes it’s when it feels really dark and lonely that i see the light.  it’s the light that helps me grow from that adversity.

but sometimes i wonder, where is that light?

if i find myself looking on the outside, looking at all the things wrong in my life, things just get darker.  if i look inside myself, deep into my heart, this is where i see the light, this is where i find compassion and understanding.

my heart guides me and i find peace.  i hear the owls, the birds, the squirrels that surround me every morning, and i know i’m a tiny part of a giant miracle.  i listen to my connection, and i know i’m on the path where i trust and have faith in my journey, and that i’m not alone.

i have so many beautiful souls traveling with me on this same  path.  as i allow myself to be the student who is forever teachable, i look around me and meet people who are in pain and they remind me to be in gratitude.  i look around me and i see suffering, and i am reminded that there are little things that i can do to be of service.  i look around me and realize that i am not responsible for fixing it all.  it is when i can let go, have faith, and see when i take care of myself, love myself, my soul, my spirit, i am discovering who i am and that i can make a difference.

but i also understand that i’m not responsible for anyone else’s happiness – each has his own journey to the heart to discover.

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