my bites are a lot like my thoughts

focussing on what i can’t have versus focussing what i can, changes my perspective.  the difference seems small, but it’s actually huge.  take for example when i gave up sugar for lent last year.  i told myself that i couldn’t have sugar … for some reason, this small elimination from my diet became next to impossible.  there was sugar in everything!  i couldn’t do it.

yet this year when i joined my daughters’ in their journey to be good to their bodies, i took a more positive approach – i focussed on all the good things i got to eat: protein, vegetables and fruit – foods that are whole and good for my body, mind and heart.  Every bite became a wonderful, very gratifying experience.  i was no longer telling my body ‘no, you can’t have this’, i was telling my body ‘yes, yes, yes’ (and yet i wasn’t eating sugar, gluten, dairy, legumes or anything processed).  how was this easier than telling myself i couldn’t have sugar?  i think it was a shift in perspective, where i was no longer seeing it as denying myself foods that i desired, instead i was feeding myself positive foods that were nourishing me and contributing to peace within me.

interesting how god created us to have such powerful desires, and how so often these desires are not good for us.  it’s as if our egos and our hearts are in constant battle with each other.  our hearts know what’s good for our bodies, yet our egos will convince us that ‘just one won’t hurt…oh and one more, who cares…oh well, i’ll work it off tomorrow…i may as well finish the bag.’  why is it that most ‘yummy’ things in our foods are generally not good for us? – sugar, fat, bread? …just as most ‘yummy’ things in life can potentially take us down the wrong road? – focus on money, material things, power, fame, and what i want (my ego) is more important than what other’s may need, or what my body, heart and soul may need?

when i started to see each bite similar to each thought, i realized that i could choose to detract or contribute to my health in much the way i could detract or contribute to my serenity.  when i viewed it as a battle between good and bad, i couldn’t do it.  when i viewed it as a way of contributing to my core and calm, i found it easier to maintain a healthy way of eating.  it was a lot like how i make any decisions these days.  when i use my heart as my compass, it is for the positive good within myself.  if i use my head, i experience conflict and turmoil, and i know that i’m distancing myself from my peaceful center.

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