to cherish

what does it meant ‘to cherish’…that word came to me during my meditation, and i realized how much this word means to me.  it’s a word that i rarely say out loud, but one that i feel daily.  it’s a lot like ‘gratitude’, in that it expresses appreciation for another human being, thing or event.  ‘to cherish’ and ‘to be in gratitude’ are both actions or thoughts that have a positive affect on me and others around me.

when i experience miracles around me, when the tiniest things appear miraculous, i know that i am in the now, and that i am overwhelmed with the understanding and acceptance of that very moment.  when i cherish that moment, i am expressing the gift, opening and holding it close to my heart.  i am allowing myself to enjoy and treasure that gift of the moment…and that’s when i experience a powerful sense of calm, peace and serenity.

to cherish is to take that appreciation of that moment and fully experience it in my heart – embrace it the way i would hold my child before she leaves, or my mother before she dies.

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