making room in your heart

our days get busy, and our thoughts begin to rule.  the chatter in our minds increases. we step out of the house, and already the list of things that need to get done gets longer, and more urgent.  your mom is sick, your kids are whining, the dogs need a walk.  someone asks, ‘how are you?’ do you tell them the truth?  do they want the truth?  do they have time for the truth?

no…we decide ‘no’.  there’s not time for the truth, and we’re too ashamed to tell the truth, because they look fine and goodness gracious we don’t want them to think we’re not fine, if they’re all good.

the thing is no one is all good.  they may look it on the outside, but no one is all good.  we all are dealing with good and bad.  the idea of making the time to share your stuff with another human being often gets pushed to the bottom of the list.  either for fear of being judged, or simply because we think it’s not a big deal…it’s just a part of life.

sharing that part of our day, the yucky and the yummy, is nurturing your heart, caring for you heart.  it’s about giving yourself self-compassion, allowing yourself to have emotions, and to express and release those emotions.  so go ahead and make room in your heart, for yourself…share your truth with a friend who has room in her heart to listen and understand.

and when you make room in your heart for yourself, you’ll find room in your heart for others, and that’s where we find peace and love.

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