the way of the heart is nonverbal and nonjudgemental

when i try and understand this language of the heart, i realize that it is a language without words and it is one that everyone understands universally.  when used and received, we experience our connection with others, our connection with the universe, our ultimate purpose for our being.  it’s when we use this language of the heart when we become one…not just with other humans, but with all of nature and all of the universe.

examples of languages of the heart are music, food, nature, listening in stillness – meditation, a hug, a loving  touch, smells from nature…these to me are how we relate to the universe and to others.  there are no comparisons, misunderstandings…just a connection and a relationship.  our egos want to make comparisons, to judge and rate each other like american idol, or even Facebook where how good we feel about ourselves has to do with how many “likes” or “stars” we can attain.  if we simply eliminate the need to satisfy our egos and relinquish any attachments to these methods of rating, or judgement, and instead come from the heart and relate, we connect to the power of the heart.

we each share our WAYS of connecting to this universe… of relating to the world…to life and all of its many changes through the heart, it’s just that some of us have lost touch with that language.  some individuals make a conscious choice to look within and connect through the heart, others choose to look on the outside, continue to judge, allow the ego to take over and ignore the universal connection.  the ego is strong when there is no conscious decision to exercise the heart; the heart is strongest when i practice its many languages daily.

WHEN i experience this connection and HOW i connect is a very individual experience…what works for me may be very different for WHAT works for you….we were created to be very different from each other.  it is the core within us that is the same….it is the WAY we connect that is the same.  it is this language that fascinates me and the language which i believe is within each of us and is available to each of us, we just need to get back in touch with it.

like all of you, i was born experiencing life through my heart. i had no words, no ideas, no way to judge. i was that tiny infant simply in awe of every part of my new world. over time i learned to listen with my ears and to filter with my brain. i also began to integrate the fears that permeated my parents’ lives into the way i would see things, people and events. as i learned to think and to use words, my childhood perceptions shaped who i am today and the perspective i hold of my parents and the rest of the world.  as i study this language and practice it daily, i am reconnecting to what i was born with and i find myself in closer connection with my creator.

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