when love walks in

when love walks in, fear leaves the room.  imagine a bright beautiful light that fills every space in a room.  that’s what it feels like to be in the presence of love…at least that’s what it feels like to me.  i don’t have to be in fear that what i write is going to be scrutinized, judged, criticized…i am in a space of total acceptance.  acceptance of myself.  do i have room to improve?  heck, yes!  is that going to stop me from writing and sharing?  no.  i accept where i am today.  if i were to wait until i became a good writer, i would never reach that place and i wouldn’t be able to grow the way i feel i am.  so i write, and i don’t worry that my readers may think ill of me…

a beautiful friend gave my husband a simple piece of wood that has an inscription on it: “we touch other people’s lives simply by existing.”  j.k. rowling…he loves it.  i love it.  it sits quietly on our kitchen window sill above the sink where he and i meet at least twice a day, usually more.  ‘to exist’ is a lot like’ to accept’ and ‘to accept’ is a lot like having no desire to change or to judge another.  and where you can be with someone knowing that you are accepted feels a lot like love.

when you are in total acceptance of someone else, you can just exist and be at peace.  you understand the other person and what they may be going through, and you are now in the space of love.  every act of love that you do comes from pure intention, and you don’t have to worry if the person you are giving the love to is going to respond the way you want them to.  they can simply exist, and you can accept that their way of receiving your love may be very different from the way you expect, or desire them to receive your love.  they are loved simply by their existence, and you are loved simply by your existence.  we don’t need to take our perceptions, our past experiences and hope or dream that their perceptions should or will  match ours…we are separate human beings, each living from a place of love.

i was gardening this morning and i thought about the word garden and the act of gardening.  when i’m with my plants watering, feeding, cutting,…i am gardening.  i am experiencing the garden as a verb.  i’m not judging my plants, and they are not judging each other.  one plant is not saying ‘ha, i’m prettier than you cuz i’m bigger’…they are side by side, accepting my love, and simply existing, one complementing the other. i am at total peace in my garden with my plants.  they thank me simply with their existence, their blooms and effortless growth.  and it takes time.  it doesn’t happen overnight.  sometimes i’ll miss the bud that leads to the bloom, but when i take time to notice each little ounce of change, i am so appreciated for my efforts.

to me love is a lot like the noun garden…when i see it as a verb it takes on a choice and action on my part.  we often think of it as a place, or a destination..’.oh i can’t wait to be in love’.  but when i think of it as a verb, i’m always loving.

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