mother’s love

it was dark…and i struggled to get out.  the air was cold against my skin.  where was that familiar warmth?  i missed the tightness…dare i open my eyes?  i heard a cry.  was that coming from me? i opened my mouth and the sound came again… i slowly opened my eyes, and there she was.

she looked into my eyes, and held me tight.  i had hair down the sides of my face.  i wasn’t pretty. but she smiled.  she touched my face, my fingers …her lips touched my forehead.

she held me tight and stroked my head.  she never took her eyes off of me.  she smelled me, and let me smell her. tears rolled down her face. i had no words, but my heart knew that this was love and that it would be shared forever.  my heart knew that she understood me, and that she accepted me just the way i was.

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