the intention of the heart

so often we judge ourselves by our intentions, which we want to defend as being good….’i didn’t mean to say something to hurt you…my intentions were good, you just misunderstood…you know i love you, i would never intend to hurt you…’

and yet, we often judge others by their actions and assume their intentions are bad….’he didn’t call, and he said he would, he must not love me…he hung up without saying i love you, he must not love me…he didn’t hug me, so he must not care’

what if we  believed that we are all coming from the heart, that our intentions are from a place of love, then we don’t have to judge or assume another’s behavior as good or bad.  we don’t have to go into our heads and judge whether someone is good or bad.  we all make mistakes.

unconditional love comes from the heart, it doesn’t judge, it goes directly to its intention…the intention of loving kindness.

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