self love

so often i want to blame others and my circumstance or my discontent, when what i really need to do is take a look inside…i recently lost my driver’s license. i immediately assumed that someone had stolen it. i retraced my purchases, went to the various shops, asked and re-asked managers and clerks to check to see if someone had turned it in. i went to bed certain that someone was trying to steal my identity, and finally accepted that i needed to head to the dmv and the social security office in the morning. when i came out of my meditation, i realized that i had never stopped to look inside myself. could it be possible that i, manette, had misplaced it? i came out of my meditation hearing, ‘look inside yourself, and stop blaming others’…
i went to my closet, and in the first pocket of a jacket i rarely wear, was my license!

if love is about understanding and having compassion, then we must have that same love for ourselves. to understand that we all make mistakes, that we all have our defects we suddenly have an understanding of self love and unconditional love. i now can love myself without having to be perfect. and to find compassion for ourselves, we have to accept our past. we don’t have to dwell in it, or allow it to take over our thoughts, or feel a victim to it, we just have to accept and acknowledge that our past had an impact on who we are today.

learning unconditional love is about entering the place where one is not judged by his behavior or his actions. i can now accept my imperfections, and can laugh at all my silly ways, instead of trying to hide or deny that i have any…now that’s a funny thought…since i was there not too long ago…

today i found this groupon, and thought i’d share it with you. you get an even bigger discount if you use this link…if you are at all interested in personal growth, and like deepak chopra, i think you might find this of interest…

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