time with my mom

i just spent this past week with my parents.  brian and i drove them in our camper to visit my sister who lives on a ranch outside folsom.  my sister and her husband moved there three years ago, and my parents had not been able to visit with my mom’s condition.  the ugly disease of parkinson’s limits her ability to move, especially on planes.  but our van has room so we decided to give it a try.  she did just beautifully.

parkinson’s not only limits her ability to move, but it also impacts her ability to talk and eat.  all week we were able to work with her on her walking, talking and eating.  being with her 24/7 made me have an even greater appreciation for my dad and all that he does for her, but it also served to put me in a place of extreme gratitude for my health.

as we practiced her walking, talking and eating, i realized how much i take things for granted.  these are movements that come so easily to us, but for my mom, they were nearly impossible.  being with her, i had to practice patience, being careful not to rush her.  she was developing a habit of eating with her mouth open and drooling as she shoveled food in.  when practicing slowing down, and being mindful of each bite – trying not to put food in until she had swallowed the earlier bite, she stopped dripping food on herself and she stopped drooling.

if we all slowed down and became more mindful in our actions, we wouldn’t take things for granted, and we could truly experience the now.

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