making changes

i found myself baking the other day…trying to create a new recipe.  i had an idea of what i wanted to make, but i wanted to use certain ingredients, and stay away from sugar, dairy and gluten.  what resulted was okay, but not delicious.  i knew i had to make some adjustments.

if someone had told me that i had one chance, and one chance only to make the perfect dish, i would have been overwhelmed with the idea of changing.  what i had to do instead, was to make small adjustments.  with each adjustment, i had to taste it, see how brian liked it (he’s my ultimate tester since he is the hardest to please when it comes to things with no sugar, since he loves sugar…) and then make further adjustments.

i realized that in making tiny adjustments in how i made my new creation was a lot like making adjustments in my way of living, and my way of improving myself.  if i always have the perspective that i have something to learn and that there is always room for self improvement, then everyday is a new opportunity.  i don’t have to change everything, all at once.  if i see myself as a work in progress, not looking for perfection, then i can make little changes one change at a time.  if i tried to change all at once, that would be like the tv show bewitched (remember that show?…how i wished i could have that kind of control…twitch my noise and things would change the way i wanted them to be!), and i know now that that is simply not possible.

in changing myself, i keep it simple.  i just have to be willing – willing to look inside.  that willingness to learn and to change little by little, leaves me open to the many possibilities and it all starts with me.

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