“i think i might be turning jewish”

the other day my 87 year old father announced at dinner that he might be turning jewish.  we looked at him puzzled, and quickly realized that he was actually quite serious.  he explained that he eats matzo ball soup and gifelta fish nearly every day….and “did you know that the jewish people are responsible for so many good things in our country?”

2 1/2 years ago my parents moved into a senior living community called the village at northridge where most of the residents are jewish.  at first my father was a little concerned that there weren’t very many chinese…just a handful.  but over time, he’s learned to fully embrace the jewish culture and not only get to know them, but to love and respect them as well.

how interesting that we are often attracted to people who look like us, who we feel most similar to, but when we open ourselves to possibility, we learn.  not only do we learn how to get along with people who are different from us, but we learn to see things through their eyes…how cool is that?  my father loves music and the arts, and he was so delighted that he had learned that “so much of our music,  broadway shows and movies were created by jewish people.”

“i have to thank the jewish people for all they have done for our country.”

2 thoughts on ““i think i might be turning jewish”

  1. This is honestly the coolest, loveliest thing yet. I so love that he’s had his mind blown open cross culturally at his age and has embraced it. Talk about opening up your heart!!


  2. Manette, I love this post! May we all “turn jewish” in learning about acceptance and love for others. Broadway and movies are just the tip of the iceberg! Your parent’s journey is so fascinating and touching.


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