we’re all different

i used to wish brian could be more like me, and i’m sure he wished i could be more like him.  i would take offense when he felt the need to reload the dishwasher, or remake the bed, thinking he didn’t like the way i did it.  it’s simply that he has a way of doing things, and i have a different way of doing things.  kind of like the way see things differently.  he can look a person and say, doesn’t he remind you of your father? and i won’t be able to see the resemblance at all.  not only were we all born with our unique set of genes, we were also raised in completely different households.  even within the same family, birth order and the dynamics between the parents at one point in time differs from one child to the next, resulting in the disbelief that ‘those two are brothers?…i would never have guessed that!’

as we go through life, each of us experiences life in completely different ways.  we each handle situations from our separate perspectives.  while i may see something as a problem, someone else may view the exact same situation as a blessing.

this afternoon i heard a song called ‘come rain, come shine’…and it reminded me that life has moments when things are not all bright and sunny, leaving puddles (and sometimes floods) to navigate.  but that after the hard stuff there will always come the good times.  i remembered walking in austin, tx with my four dogs, and how each handled the puddles in his own way.  scout literally put her breaks on and refused to walk any further.  george lifted his head, and pranced his way through the puddle.  danny decided to sit and roll in it, trying to stir up as much mud as possible.  and then of course there was pirate who barely noticed the puddle and cleared the puddle in one graceful leap.

when i can accept our differences, respect them and embrace them, life suddenly gets easier! love him fully, the good and the bad, the similarities and differences…and my need to change someone to be more like me, melts away.  i find joy and laughter instead…!

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