honest, open and willing – how

when i’m struggling with a problem, or dwelling on a desire to change someone…i stop and ask myself  ‘how’ do i find my peace and serenity?  i ultimately find peace by a willingness to change myself, by being open and honest.  i ask myself what it means to be open and honest?  it actually doesn’t have anything to do with the truth that is in my head, whether i’m right or wrong (all that is in my head is tainted by my perspective, my experience based on past experiences).  the honesty has to do with the truth that is in my heart.  the truth that speaks to me through my heart is simple.  it has nothing to do with my ego.  it has to do with relating, connecting and understanding.

i ask myself if i am being open and honest from my heart.  the heart only knows the truth.  i pause and practice non judgment. i practice letting go of my past and my thoughts.  i practice being an instrument of god’s peace.  i ask myself what would god do?  god would love unconditionally. he would embrace the good and the bad in the person.

when someone is not living up to my expectations and i find myself wanting to complain and change the person, i ask myself if i’m coming from my head or my heart?  if i’m negative, it usually means i’m dwelling in my head.  if i get out of my head, and allow my heart to take over, i find myself performing loving acts.

when brian is in a place of isolation, and can’t get himself off the couch, i don’t have to say a word, or think a thought of wanting him to get up and do something.  i can love every part of him.  when i am in total acceptance, and truly embracing people unconditionally, quietly and according to the energy of the universe, angels like roger come into our lives to touch us in ways that speak the truth.  when i stop believing that i somehow deserve more love because i do no wrong, things begin to change.  my perspective is no longer about right and wrong, but of connecting and loving as if we were one.

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