meeting roger bacon and synchronicity

on our morning walk we literally bumped into a man coming out the gate to his home.  he was carrying a rose that he had clipped from his garden and he was on his way to deliver the rose to his next door neighbor.  pirate reached up to greet him, as he always does in his precious and loving way, clearly believing that it’s his job to make everyone in this world happy.  the man laughed and reached down to give pirate a grateful pat, as brian apologized for pirate’s exuberance and dirty paws.  not a problem, the man said, i just finished running 2 miles barefoot in the sand.  he went on to flex his pecs as brian complimented his good health, and he went on to tell us about his good friends jack lelane and dr.bragg.  roger bacon was his name, and did he have stories to share!  his father and he used to own the les bacon and son’s ford dealership, where they sold 400-500 cars a month…to famous people and regulars.  the energy coming out of this man was ridiculous.  rapid fire words were spewing out at such a pace, i was ready to buy anything from him, and he wasn’t even trying to sell me anything!  he talked about how his line was ‘get off your couch’ and get yourself over to les bacon and son’s…and how that line became his way of living.  he was probably in his late eighties, given the stories and people he knew- he met president reagan while getting his hair cut at a barber shop in beverly hills -but didn’t look any older than 70.

he invited us to see his backyard which was basically the pacific ocean! where he had laid 144 railroad ties as steps down to the beach.  the ties he had saved from his grandfather who used to own the union pacific railroad…he ended up inviting us to his home for the 4th of july to watch the fireworks over the ocean.

i share this story with you because this was a man who clearly was living life to its fullest.  he went on to tell us that he has never had a drink or a smoke all his life.  how interesting that we should meet this man at such a point in our lives.  here i am living with a man who struggles to get out of bed every day.  brian works so hard to find the motivation to feel good about himself and here we stumble upon this high energy man who literally is spewing out words that i have thought, but have not expressed.  when brian is feeling down, he will sit on the couch and watch tv with the remote in hand, alternating from one show to another -( flipping from a sporting event to a crime show is his usual)- i often wonder how he can do this, but i never say a word, and let him work his way out of it… and here was this stranger telling us ‘get off your couch’ (life is short), ‘i have never drank or smoked all my life’ (discipline),’i worked all my life, and when i didn’t have a job, i found a way’ (creativity and a belief in hard work), ‘my wife was the most beautiful woman you could ever imagine’ (gratitude)…as we left, he reached over to his rose bush, clipped a rose and gave it to me…(generosity and connection)

it was if we had just met an angel…i wondered if he was real, and if we returned the next day, would he still be there.  i don’t believe in coincidence, instead i believe in synchronicity.  there was a reason we were to meet roger bacon.  i have a very strong feeling, we’ll be seeing roger again.

5 thoughts on “meeting roger bacon and synchronicity

  1. I LOVE THIS STORY !!! Awesome how he was there to deliver the messages you both needed to hear. How people can inspire (breathe divinity in) us.


  2. yes indeed…he was brought into our lives for a reason. you would never know that brian has to work to be around people…he seems so natural – funny, engaging…he’s had a ton of practice and he’s good at it. he especially has trouble being around my mom and dad i guess because he feels shame and embarrassment since he at one time was the model son-in-law. i’m planning to take my parents on a long drive to visit my sister in northern california, and brian was having trouble with the idea of joining us. later last night, he announced that he was going to join us and drive to see my sister. wow.


    1. That’s brilliant. Love this story. Love too how Brian has decided to ‘get off the couch’ and meet his challenge in his head/heart


      1. shee, it is truly amazing…since then, he’s been making every effort to get up and get out there…and it just so happens that the best place he’s found to enter the ocean with his big board is right behind roger’s house! crazy!


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