when i can allow him to have his space to be in the bad mood he chooses to be in, i don’t have to adopt his negative energy.  i can be in a place of compassion and understanding of what he may be going through, and not take it personally.  when i listen with all my heart, i can experience what it’s like to be in his shoes.  i find myself not judging and especially not wanting to change him in any way.  i can be present to console if that is what he needs, i can be present to understand and to love.  i don’t have to feel the need to defend myself, nor do i need to change him in anyway.

in living with a person suffering from depression, i practice this act of detachment daily.  detachment doesn’t mean removing myself from him.  quite the contrary.  for me it means being there for him so he doesn’t feel alone, but being there in a loving and compassionate way.  when i can sit and accept him just the way he is, and embrace the complete person, sadness and all, this is when i experience peace and love.

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