letting my heart grow

i recently realized that brian loves to express his love by doing things for me.  he actually likes doing the dishes.  crazy, but true.  i have a man who likes to do the dishes.  in fact, if i try and help, he insists that i leave the kitchen.  he says that if i do the cooking, he gets to clean.  i used to think that this was his way of controlling me, and i couldn’t understand why we couldn’t work as a team to clean and get it done more quickly.

by letting him do the dishes, i am letting him express his love.  by taking that away from him, i’m not letting his heart grow.  so my heart grows when i give and receive love.  by letting him do the dishes, he gets to express his love for me, and i in turn get to receive his love.  in this act of love, both our hearts grow.

learning the language of the heart is such an important part of my journey in understanding depression and how love heals.  more on this later…

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