so many blessings…stevie wonder!!!!

happy easter to all!  woke this morning to rain and the birds singing outside my window …so beautiful and refreshing.

last night tai, ren, riki and i were treated to stevie wonder and his magic!!! the night would have been perfect but brian came down with a migraine – such a bummer…

oh my goodness!  i was flooded with emotions throughout the whole concert.   some people were born to entertain, to create music and play music for others…stevie is one of those gifted individuals who touches people from all walks of life!  then there are other people born to receive the gift of music…that would be me!  when i listen to live music, my heart opens, and i am filled with awe, joy, emotions that bring me to tears…to watch people performing their passion and to hear what they create, is ridiculous to me!

stevie ended the concert singing about ‘it’s all about the love’…’right now…’ and you could feel it big time.  and being there with 3 of the 4 of our kids, was truly amazing…my heart was filled and overflowing…i am so grateful and so blessed.

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